Which sister did Thaksin love best?


From Manager, February 10, 2015
Left caption: Three years ago…
Left: Yingluck: Phee Sin [Elder brother Thaksin] loves Poo [Yingluck] more than Phee Dang [elder brother Yaowapa]. So, he chooses me to be the PM.
Right caption: …At present
Right: Yaowapa: Phee Sin [Elder brother Thaksin] loves me more than Nong Poo [younger sister Yingluck] … So, that is why that time he didn’t choose me to be the PM.
On the newspaper: Poo faces a rice-pledging scheme charge.
[Yaowapa, the more politically connected Shinawatra sister, was passed over for the premiership in 2011 and Yingluck seemed to be the lucky one. However, the tough consequences of the Pheu Thai’s attempt to give Thaksin amnesty and rewrite the constitution have seen Yingluck under the shadow of legal cases and possible exile.]

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