Which pair destroys the country?

From Thairath, October 17, 2019
Title: Which pair destroys the country?
Inside the bubbles from left to right: Appeal to the NACC; China doesn’t like it; pulling the enemy into the country; communist [these are meant to represent the whispered rumors dogging Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn]
PM Prayuth: Love Lung Kamnan very much [meaning Suthep] Suthep: Trust in Uncle Tu [nickname of Prayuth] Phi Nooring: They only took a picture together. [meaning Thanathorn was slammed only over a single photos with the Hong Kong protest leader Wong]
Mouse: Weird right wing.

[Refers to the controversial picture taken by Thanathorn with Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong that caused a rebuke by the Chinese government warning Thai politicians not to involve themselves in China’s affairs.
The cartoonist points out the close ties between PM Prayuth and Suthep, known as Lung Kamnan, who apparently banded together to prevent an election and halt democracy in the country. The cartoonist thinks that this alliance is much more harmful to the country than Thanathorn ever was.]
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