Which is the fake democracy?


From Thairath, January 31, 2015
Title: Which is the fake democracy?
Paper held by U.S. envoy Russel at left: Call for the democracy for Thai people
[Chukiart Rattanachaichan, the NLA spokesman, wears a Superman costume. The hand clapper and whistle are a symbol of anti-Thaksin groups.]
On the coat: Democracy
On the logo on his chest: NLA
On the shirt: Appointed
Phi Nooring: He thinks he’s a superman.
A mouse: This is his happiness.
[The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) invited representatives from the U.S. Embassy in Thailand to a discussion after Assistant Secretary of State, Daniel Russel made a comment on the Thailand’s political situation. The U.S. representative, however, declined the invitation.]

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