Which is the bigger issue?

From Manager, June 14, 2017
PM Prayuth points at Lumyai: Open the jar to make a living like this… it is so ugly… don’t you know?!
Police officer at right holding a jar: Money buying police positions.
Caption: Hai Thong Kum… ugly, but it’s very small?

[“Hai Thong Kum” means golden jar, but also has a sexual allusion, here referring to singer Lumyai “Hai Thong Kum” who has been criticized by the prime minister for her sexy dancing.
The cartoonist accepts that the dancing is inappropriate, but contends that it is a minor issue when compared to the widespread practice of police officers buying their promotions. The underlying message is that the military with its absolute power could tackle police corruption, but instead they focus on a minor issue to divert the public.]

From Thairath, June 15, 2017
Title: Have something to sell…!!
Soldier on left holds a box on which is written: Box lid; quality guarantee; best price
At right is a police officer holding a chair to symbolize the police practice of having to buy their promotions.
Mouse man: Working diligently.
Mouse: The old career.

[This is another cartoon pointing out the continuing corrupt practice that the military junta seems unwilling or unable to stamp out.
The soldier refers to a murky scandal that revealed a military gang that smuggled weapons into nearby countries.]

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