Which family is taking over Koh Chang Island?


From a social media image by Chuwit:
The power of ‘jaosua’ [jaosua is a rich Chinese man]
Forest-[money]laundry gang corruption and taking over the island
Source of funds: Jaosua ‘Th’ a family which dominates the country → Jaosua ‘J’ → Nominee known as ‘P’ → SK1 → A process of making an illegal SK – Adding SK: don’t have it, then make it have-Flying SK: transfer from one place to another-extending SK: have a few and make it become more →title deed

[This is a cryptic flow chart from Chuwit Kamolvisit, businessman and a controversial politician, on how wealthy groups are taking over Koh Chang island in Trat province in order to develop it as a famous tourist island like Samui island. He does not mention the specific names of person involved and instead provides clues to their names. SK 1 is evidence to show about owning the land.]

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