Which charter do the people really want?


From Thairath, July 14, 2016
Title: Closely take a look… which on is real or fake
On the constitution plinth on the left: People want it. [front] Written by people
On the constitution plinth on the right: The NCPO want to give it. [front] written by Meechai and his team
On Meechai’s tie: CDC [Constitution Drafting Committee]
Phi Nooring: Let’s go and vote on the referendum
Mouse: To accept-reject are the rights [we have]

[Refers to the coming referendum of the draft constitution. The draft is written by the Constitution Drafting Committee led by Meechai Ruchupan has been criticized as being written to serve the military and prolong their time in power.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After relentlessly attacking Junta, now Ai Sia has been summonsed to meet with Junta for attitude readjustments

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