Where is the Thai government’s secret meeting location?

New secret hideaway for cabinet – Bangkok Post, February 20, 2014
A new temporary office has been prepared in Bangkok for caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her cabinet, but its location is being kept secret…

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  1. Wiz says:

    Now, Khun Mallika reporting that the whole cabinet are moving out of BKK after Permanent secretariat of MoD have been encircled and Government House have been blocked while Ai Chaloem failed to get Government house back — before UDD men coming to storm BKK on 23 Feb 2014 – this will justify army men to declare martial law against PT-UDD men

    Note: i thought that they must move their cabinet to chiang Mai or so – due to the following reasons:
    1. UDD men said they are going to turn Chiang Mai into second capital if Yinglux no longer be able to go back to work at Government house – a sign of secession which make even Chiang mai people gone outrage

    UDD men want to move capital city

    UDD men lamenting to PDRC – destroying Thaksin or destroying the nation

    Plan to mobilize UDD men to secede from Thailand

    National disaster by the hands of Ai maew – civil war looming after civil court has rendered emergency decree toothless

    Ai Oy Lamenting the court decision which render Emergency decree toothless

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