Where is he?

From Thairath, June 8, 2020
Title: Oh! can’t breathe.
On the spotlight: Pressed the charge by the NCPO [meaning he was under charges related to coup-era violations]
On the picture: #Wanchalearm
Phi Nooring: Why so heartless?
Mouse: Why kidnap him?

[Refers to the alleged disappearance of a Thai activist Wanchalearm Satsaksit who has been exiled in Cambodia. He was apparently kidnapped off streets and bundled into a van.
After his disappearance, human rights groups and anti-government groups called on the Thai government to investigate and also accused the government of being behind his abduction.
According to his sister, his last words as he was being abducted were “I can’t breathe,” mirroring cases of police brutality in the U.S.
This abduction is part of a long string of disappearances and deaths of activists who have agitated against the Thai government from neighboring countries.]

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