Where are the red buffaloes?

From Manager, November 21, 2013
Thaksin as a tree: Tu, where are the red buffaloes?
Tu [nickname of Red Shirt leader Jatupron Prompan]: They don’t work on Sunday, sir.
Caption: Sunday the 24th…

[Refers to November 24, 2013 when anti-government protest leader Suthep Thausuban called for a million people to demonstrate against the “Thaksin regime” and its deep roots–thus Thaksin is often portrayed these days as a tree.
On November 24 the Red Shirts held a low-key gathering in the east of the city, likely designed not to give the opposition a chance to clash with it. Suthep appeared to be ready to call off the anti-government protest which led the Red Shirts to disband their gathering the same day. However, the anti-government forces then extended and enlarged their protests, leaving the Red Shirts without a large force ready to confront them. There is also fear that many disillusioned Red Shirts might not wish to support the cause of amnesty for Thaksin.
To refer to a person as a “buffalo” is an insult meaning they are stupid. Here it is used to refer to the pro-Thaksin Red Shirts.]

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