Where are the million of people?

From Manager, July 10, 2015
Title: I knew it. (By Buncha/Karmin)
The Dao Din students in front of Bangkok Remand Prison: What the heck? We agreed to stay in jail for days… why did only a few people come… Professor, you said we have got back up from million of people, where are they?
Three people at the right holding flowers say: They are busy…watching the break-up news… Tono and Tangmo.

[This implies the detained Dao Din students were encouraged by activist university professors to stand form in their protest.
It also refers to the recent drama between two celebrities who had become engaged after joining the anti-amnesty protests last year. The public admission by Tono that he was to blame for the breakup and Tangmo’s overdose literally brought Thailand’s business world to a halt as employees stopped work to watch the press conference on TV.]

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