When you shine the light

From Thairath, May 19, 2020
Inside skulls: People who ordered it are still free and the killers are also free.
On the laser: 10 years [later]
On signs: Khok Wua intersection; Ratchaprasong [places where there were fatalities during the protests]
Hashtag: Seeking the truth

[Red Shirts and Pheu Thai-led governments have long tried to hold Democrat Party chiefs Abhisit and Suthep accountable for the protests deaths that occurred under their watch, but have thus far been unsuccessful.]

From Manager, May 19, 2020
Red Shirt groups: I-…Thorn!!! [You] Pillory us!!!
Red hashtag: Seeking the truth
Caption: The refection of the laser

[Another take on the political campaign allegedly carried out by the Progressive Movement led by Thanathorn that projected anti-government messages on landmarks.
These messages showed an interesting shift of focus for the Progressive Movement to traditional Red Shirt/Thaksin talking points such as demanding redress for the deaths that occurred during the clearance of the Red Shirt protest in 2010.
One of the strengths of the Progressive Movement was its fresh and direct focus on getting the military out of politics (a traditional political stance that has widespread appeal) and its collection of novice politicians untainted by “big man” clique obligations.
The pivot to Red Shirt issues has been a peculiar one. It is perhaps a misstep as it makes it easier to disparage Progressive Movement motives as being part of Thaksin’s political muscle and Thailand’s revenge politics.
The cartoonist contends that promoting this issue just reminds people of the rhetoric and threats of the Red Shirts. The cartoonist has the Red Shirts insult Thanathorn by calling him “I-hia-Thorn” (“hia” is a water monitor in Thai, thought to be a despicable creature). The resulting expression means something like “Shit Thorn.”

Also: Taking up the Red Shirt mantle]

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