When you meet the real dictator

From Manager, March 26, 2020
Covid19: Crazy for democracy… crazy for freedom? If you dare… Go out to the street…!!!
Caption: When you meet the real dictator

[Refers to the leaders of the banned Future Forward Party which called for their supporters to rally and call on PM Prayuth to resign. This was being ramped up just as the pandemic was beginning to look more serious for Thailand. The leaders also launched a media campaign with vaguely aggressive messages such as “If we burn, you will burn with us” and “It’s just the beginning.”

All of this mirrored earlier seasons of protest during the March-May time period when large numbers of rural people could be mobilized to protest during the farming off-season.

What was really planned will never be known as the anti-government movement backed down as the realities of the outbreak became clearer. The opposition Pheu Thai also distanced themselves from the calls for protests, pledging to work with the government to stem the spread of the virus to help the country get through the crisis.]

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