When you make yourself the target

From Manager, July 8, 2021
Left: REA…
Right: …SON [this means something like “at left is the cause, and at right is the result”]

[PM Prayuth is in a strange situation. He has positioned himself as a political strongman who can get things done and “bring happiness back to the people” as the government slogan goes.
However, the government, which has dictatorial power due to the current charter, does not use any of that power to expedite vaccination. It has insisted on a few vaccine choices and all efforts to approve or procure other vaccines have moved at a snails pace. It seems that adhering to the nation’s Byzantine bureaucracy is placed as the highest priority.
If the government used its power to cut through the red tape and expedite things with a sense of urgency, they would be heroes. This is what the public expects from a government with complete power. It is the only thing a government with complete power can efficiently give.
However, the government has seemingly settled on bringing up procedural issues at every turn that slow the availability of vaccines while public anger rises.]

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