Thaksin: Yingluck is a “softer and more modern Thatcher”

Thaksin: Yingluck is a “softer and more modern Thatcher” –, January 25, 2012
…“She understands all classes of people,” he claims, describing her as a “softer and more modern Thatcher”.
Thaksin is her biggest cheerleader, of course: “She has no political baggage and she is a lady. She can talk to everybody easier than a man with a long political history. I may not be in as good a position to trigger reconciliation as her.”
But what about an assassination threat? The fact of gender didn’t insulate Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto from that tragic end. But Thaksin thinks that in Thailand’s culture her style and her gender do render her all but immune. He adds: “Yingluck is very brave.”
“All I can tell you is I’m very optimistic. I’m confident of a happy ending. Anyway I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Four times they tried to kill me. I’m still alive. And I have unfinished work…”

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