When Dhammakaya saved Thailand from the A-bomb

From Manager, March 5, 2017
Caption: It proves that Article 44 is scarier that an atomic bomb.

[This references a Dhammakaya story about the power of their movement. The story that a nun named Chan, who was the teacher of Dhammakaya abbot Dhammachayo had the power to stop an atomic bomb which the allies tried to drop on Thailand during WWII.
These claims were once touted by the sect in English years ago, but these seem to have been removed as the sect tried to position itself as the mainstream voice of Thai Buddhism. Indeed, many foreigners today see Dhammakaya as a laudable Buddhist movement and know nothing of the cult of personality, weird beliefs, use of Nazi imagery, and involvement in Thai politics that the sect is known for in Thailand.
The cartoon implies that even though Dhammakaya claimed that they had the power to stop an atomic bomb from destroying Thailand, they still can halt the power of the junta’s Article 44 which allowed the officers to search for Dhammachayo in the sect’s headquarters.]

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