Even the Red Shirts agree that elections can be put off for two or three more years?

One day later: Poll delay proposal slammed – The Nation, April 25, 2015
…A source from the meeting on Thursday, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the matter, told The Nation that a military officer kept repeating the same question to many key participants. The question was what they thought of a delay of the next general election, which is currently slated for early next year.
Siam University law lecturer Ekachai Chainuvati, who attended the meeting hosted by the NCPO’s Reconciliation Centre at the Army Club, is also opposed to a deferred roadmap to election and insisted that there was no consensus…

Redshirt Leader Calls for Delaying Election to Fix Charter – Khaosod, April 24, 2015
…do not long for an election that does not give power to the people. Because, in the 2015 constitution, apart from the background of Prime Ministers, MPs, and Senators, there are also 11 independent [watchdog agencies] that wield far more power than what was described in the 2007 constitution. The 2007 constitution has caused great damages, as is apparent in memories of the Thai people. But the 2015 constitution will be far more damaging…

Political foes will accept poll lag – Charter will ‘hamper national reconciliation’ – Bangkok Post, April 24, 2015
Leaders of Pheu Thai, Democrats, the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship and other political parties and groups were invited by military officers to a meeting of the regime’s Reconciliation Centre for Reform. They told the officers that even three more years of military rule would be preferable to “divisive” elections under the proposed constitution…

Parties not averse to poll delay – The Nation, April 24, 2015
…Worachai Hema, a red-shirt leader who is a politician of the Pheu Thai Party, said that representatives from the Pheu Thai and Democrat parties agreed that it was acceptable to them if the next general election were delayed but that the new constitution must be democratic.
“If the draft constitution is left unchanged, the political conflict will never end,” he said, adding that politicians from both parties wanted the new charter to address the issues of political conflict, reconciliation and democracy. He called for a public referendum on the constitution…

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