Whatever happens

From Manager, September 15, 2019
Thaksin: As I told Kie… do your best and whatever happens, then we can be exile…

[Refers to former Pheu Thai MP and Red Shirt member Arisman ‘Kie’ Pongruangron (seated left), one of the highest profile provocateurs during the Red Shirt protests in 2009 and 2010. He has served jail time already and is embroiled in many other legal cases.
Thaksin’s comment in the cartoon is based on the traditional Thai concept that a leader will take responsibility for the violent actions of those serving him. Commonly a protest leader might tell his followers that “whatever happens, I will take responsibility.” This is to give the followers permission to act violently or irrationally– thought of as the natural response to an untenable situation.
The cartoonist turns this around by having Thaksin say that, instead of taking responsibility for what his followers do on his orders, he will instead let them rot while he goes off shopping in foreign capitals.
Yingluck is perhaps an even better example of this as she continuously vowed to face charges against her in court until one day she vanished leaving other members of her government who were charged along with her facing decades-long sentences.]

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