What we see from the coup

From Thairath, May 25, 2014
Cartoon title: What we see from the coup
Top left: We see wives and children are happy that a curfew was imposed! [Men return home earlier.]
Top middle: We see arms that the police have never seen! [This refers to guns and bombs seized after the coup from Red Shirt groups immediately after the coup. It had long been alleged that the police were loyal to Thaksin and did not take action to suppress Red Shirts who were openly amassing arms and ammunition.]
Top right: We see crooked politicians corrupt the country so badly that it led to another coup [and now these corrupt politicians are] crying out for election!
On the ballot box: Washing machine [meaning that elections are used like a washing machine to launder corrupt politicians]
Bottom left: We see peace inside a family for they stop fighting over changing the TV channel. [because suspended all TV broadcasting temporarily after the coup]
Bottom middle: We see some people hurry to make a swift turnaround! [referring to people who opportunistically suddenly switched sides to support the coup]
Bottom right: We see tears of happiness and sadness from the two sides of the people [one is the anti-Thaksin regime people crying in happiness, the other is the regime’s supporters who are crying because they lost]

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