What to do with the media?

From Manager, April 30, 2017
Left: Let a bird be free… In the next life… it will be happy [for me] and not be sad like in this life. [meaning by letting the bird go it will gain positive karma for the man]
Caption: Make merit with an expectation of good things
Right: Catch a bird and put in a cage… Returning to be the PM in the next term… will be happy and not be sad like this term.
On the cage: Bill on controlling the media
Caption: Make merit with an expectation of good things

[This cartoon uses beliefs about Buddhist karma along with a white pigeon that is the symbol of the media in the Thai world.
At left a man frees the bird (or the media) from its cage so he he may gain karma and be happy in a future life.
At right PM Prayuth uses the media bill to capture and cage the media bird. He does this to create his own version of karma that includes continuing to be prime minister after the next elections. For him this is like a future incarnation in which he will be happy–not sad like in the present when is is beset on all sides by criticism.]

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