What right do you have to order us dead?

From Thairath, October 27, 2013
Cartoon title: What right do you have to order us dead?
From left: The Attorney General sued us for ordering protesters killed in April-May 2010, causing almost 100 deaths and more than 2,000 injuries.
Middle: It’s a political persecution. We’ll fight to death. We want to ask for a chance to prove ourselves.
Skulls stuck on the sickle: Don’t give it [the chance] to anyone.
Right, woman on the right nicknamed Nong Ked: You don’t give us any chance to defend, but give us death sentences. What right do you have to order your people to shoot [us]? [‘Nong Ked’ is Miss Kamolkate Akkahad, a volunteer medic who was shot and killed at Wat Pathumwanaram during the political violence in 2010.]
Front left boy, Nong Choe: You want a chance for yourself, but don’t want others to have it. [‘Nong Choe’ is Mr. Samaphan Srithep, a young activist who was shot and killed in May 2010 while he was observing the political turmoil in the Rangnam area.]
On shirt of the boy on the front right: Nong Isa [referring to Kunakorn Srisuwan, a 14 year-old boy who was shot and killed on the night of May 15, 2010]
Road signs, front left: Bon Kai; front right: Ratchprasong Intersection; back left: Dindaeng; back right: Kok Wua Intersection [all areas where fighting occurred]
On shirt of volunteer medic: Nong Ked
On shirt of boy on the left: Nong Choe
On shirt of boy on the right: Nong Isa
On skulls: Wat Pathumwanaram’s sanctuary area
Mouse: Don’t whitewash murders
On Death’s robe: Order to suppress the people; 100 dead bodies

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