What people have to do

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Source: News room, NationTV social media graphic

“I’m a puppet of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.”
Suthep Thaugsuban
14 Jan 2014
[Suthep was a leader of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee. He and his supporters hold a rally to overthrow Yingluck’s government.]

“I rather die in the democratic field.”
Yingluck Shinawatra
28 Feb 2014
[Amid the protest of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, Yingluck insisted to adhere to her position as she was a leader who came from an election and would step down.]

“Sorry, I have to stage a coup d’état.“
Gen. Prayuth Chan o-cha, Army Chief
22 May 2014
[After the failure to compromise between political groups, Gen. Prayuth staged a coup d’état. He later, becomes the PM himself.]

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