What is at the end of the alley?

From Manager, May 24, 2013
Deputy PM Chalerm Yubamrung pulling former Thaksin: Ouch!!!… You said you will go to the end of the alley. Go… Let’s go!!
Title: Not sure whether something is waiting at the end of an alley.

[The amnesty bill for Thaksin is referred to by this allies and foes alike as “going to the end of the alley.” The means it will finally push all the way to achieve the goal of the political parties controlled by Thaksin (the People Power Party in 2008 and the Pheu Thai Party presently) and the Red Shirt movement itself. The ultimate goals of these bodies are to return Thaksin to Thailand and political power.
The cartoon shows Thaksin being returned to Thaksin via Chalerm’s blanket amnesty and implies that any return will be met with anti-Thaksin mobs seeking to kill him.]

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