What does the U.S. want now?

From Thairath, July 14, 2014
Left, Ambassador Kristie Kenney: The U.S. and Thailand has established good relationship for centuries. We therefore want to support Thailand…
Middle, Ambassador Kenney: …in terms of economy, energy and military affairs.
ACM. Prajin Juntong: Here it is…
Right, ACM. Prajin: …just tell me exactly what you want from us this time?

[From the Thai perspective, the U.S. first strongly criticized the coup. Then the U.S. ambassador visited ACM Prajin saying that relationship between the U.S. and Thailand remained intact.
The joke here is that ACM Prajin thinks that the change in tone from the U.S. means the U.S. has quickly changed its position because it wants something from Thailand.]

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