What Can We Tell the Dead?

From Thai Rath, September 13, 2012
Left paper: Anti-monarchy chart [refers to a chart shown to the media multiple times describing how Thaksin allies were attempting to undermine the monarchy]
Left Skull: Chasing [meaning the chart is a pretense to hunt down Red Shirts]
Middle paper: Men in black [referring to the black clad men who guarded the Red Shirt leadership and who were later accused of battling with the military]
Middle skull: Liars, scapegoats
Right paper: CRES [CRES stands for Center for Resolution of the Emergency Situation, the temporary organization charged with handling the security situation when Red Shirts were occupying Bangkok]
Right skull: Murderers
Mouse: Chasing, murdering and falsely accusing
The caption reads: Evidence… of lives taken
[This is a Red Shirt viewpoint that decries the apparent diversions from trying to pin down the causes of the deaths during the 2010 protests. The Red Shirt position was that they were totally peaceful protesters only calling for democracy and they were shot down in cold blood.]

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