It’s Best Not to Say Anything

From Thairath, February 19, 2012
The cartoon title reads: It’s best not to say anything.

Upper left: May Valentine’s Day be the day of reconciliation. [in the background are the Red Shirt tire fortifications]

Upper middle: I have evidence showing brothels are allowed to operate in the middle of Bangkok. [referring to statements by Chuwit]

Upper right: This school does not have extra charges. It accepts only donations. [referring to the move to allow “tea money” for schools in the form of “donations”]

Lower left: There are no terrorists, only a couple of accidents. [refers to government ministers employing the Thai style of dealing with unpleasant news–downplaying or denying the incident] Toom … Toom … Toom [the sound of bombs going off]

Lower middle: Ten million baht is not expensive to organize Thailand’s reconciliation party. [referring to the elaborate party the government organized that was attended by Privy Councillor Prem and was seen as a government attempt to mend relations with the Privy Council President] On the gate: The opposition is not allowed to enter.

Lower right: Left man: The prime minister’s gone to an official meeting on the 7th floor! Right man: Don’t pose personal questions! [referring to the government trying to downplay or deny the Prime Minister’s secret meeting with business leaders]

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