We’ve merely broken the snake’s back again?

From Manager, November 7, 2013
The crowd: Yeah… We won… Yeah… We won… Tweet… Tweet… Won… Tweet… [“tweet” being the sound of whistles blowing]
Caption: We’ve merely broken the snake’s back again?

[The saying ‘don’t just break a snake’s back’ means if you’re going to get rid of an evil or an enemy, you must get rid of it once and for all, not just injure it otherwise it may come back for revenge. The snake here has the face of Thaksin Shinawatra. The cartoon reflects the viewpoint of many Thaksin enemies who see in the public anti-amnesty outcry a chance to go one step further and get rid of Thaksin influence in the present government.
The cartoon is set in a soi with walls on each side to echo the phrase “until the end of the soi” which was used by government minster Chalerm to describe how his amnesty bill was designed to return Thaksin to prominence in Thailand by bringing him all the way to amnesty.]

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