We’re so scared

From Arun, May 25, 2021
Inside the white box at top: Lockdown the areas to check the Africa and India variants.
Above the gate: Uncle Tu’s house [meaning the house of PM Prayuth]
Sound from the radio: Hong hong [sound of dog barking]
On the red sign: Beware of fierce dogs [mocking the government’s insistence that their choice of two vaccines are all that is necessary; contrasting these cute dog breeds with the sounds of barking coming from a speaker probably means the government is over hyping the effectiveness of their vaccine plans]
Sign at the far left: Water and electric bills are sent to the regiment. [meaning the coup generals, who maintain their political power in the government after elections, continue to reside in military provided housing]
Two men representing the India variant of the virus say: This house is very scary! [meaning the preparations that the coup generals have pout in place will not be effective]

[This seems to mock the government, as specifically PM Prayuth’s confidence that their iron grip on handling the pandemic is best. It points out the connection with China and the firm policy of only relying on two types of vaccines. It references how these coup generals still hold power while residing in military housing after their supposed retirement.]

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