We’re Friends

From Thairath, July 12, 2015
Title: We’re friends.

Top left: [We’re friends.] If you are the one who laughs when people are sad when star couples break up.
[Recently, there have been news items about TV star couples breaking up.]

Top middle: [We’re friends.] If you are tired of reforming the police.
[Refers to the constant promises to reform the corrupt and politicized police. Even the junta at one time promised to reform the police but later withdrew their promise.]

Top right: [We’re friends.] If you are regret the billion-baht cost of renting warehouses for storing rotten rice.
[Refers to massive losses and spending on the Pheu Thai’s rice pledging program.]

Bottom left: [We’re friends.] If you are tired of people who keep saying about being harmonious, but ignore the laws.
[We are not completely sure about this one, but it seems to refer to government attempts to negotiate an end to the separatism in the Thai deep south. The cartoonist is probably reflecting the dominate public view that the military and police should crack down on the separatists for violating laws.]

Bottom middle: [We’re friends.] If you get sick of people who are voyeurs.
[Refers to the U.S. (Uncle Sam) who is keeping eyes on Thai politics with pronouncements about what Thailand should do. The U.S. has been criticized by Thais for trying to intervene in Thailand’s internal affairs.]

Bottom right: [We’re friends.] If you get sick of a group that is trying to cause disorder in the country.
Bird: Democracy! Democracy! Democracy!
[Refers to groups trying to conduct political activities to call for democracy from the junta. Many Thais, like the cartoonist, sees these people as those who support the previous Pheu Thai government and thus do not want democracy, but want a return to constitutional rewrite to cement the ruling party power and a Thaksin pardon.]

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