Weekly News Magazines: Thaksin vs the Junta, January, 2019

From Lokwannee, January 18-24, 2019
Main cover reads: Top: Every Monday on www.thaksinofficial.com
Bottom: Every Friday every channel.
Dinosaur (representing the junta): Amen… abracadabra! The smog must be gone.

[In the run up to elections, Thaksin recently launched a weekly podcast titled “Good Monday” to share his vision and experience on how Thailand can keep up with the changes going on in the world.
Thaksin’s show is a counterpoint to the junta’s weekly TV program “Returning Happiness to People in the Country” each Friday.
The cover advertises Thaksin’s new podcast while mocking the “old thinking” junta represented as a dinosaur. Thaksin is depicted wearing northern hill tribe costume to show his connection to the area. The bottom cover also refers to PM Prayut’s interview on tropical storm “Pabuk” which hit the south of the country. In the interview, he said that the tropical storm partly departed out to sea due to his praying for it to go away.
The cover shows the junta dinosaur likewise simply praying for Bangkok’s smog to depart.]

From Manager Weekly, January 19-25, 2019

Top: Stay with us, your pocket is full of money

Bottom: Stay with uncle, you have a cash card

[Refers to another sarcastic comparison between the populist policy of the Pheu Thai Party and the junta. During the previous Yingluck-led administration (with control of government dominated by Thaksin’s other sister Yaowapha, pictured top right), the Pheu Thai carried out populist policies that funneled huge amounts of money directly to their supporters. This was particularly true of their rice pledging scheme that paid above market rates for rice.
Yingluck fled charges related to this rice scheme and it is rumored that Yaowapa has fled as well.
The junta, led by PM Prayuth, also uses the populist policies, such as giving cash to the poor and a special cash card for direct government handouts.
This cover from a magazine that opposes Thaksin and his family, mocks the junta’s plan as insufficient and half-hearted.]

Top: Haze crisis. Life is risky. [black] National issue which is [red] “deadly horrible”

Bottom left: Look at the effect of [yellow] “Lisa Black Pink”

[Refers to Thai idol Lisa who is a member of Korean kpop group Black Pink. After Lisa faced racist comments from Koreans online, her fans around the world showed their support to her by posting a hashtag #RespectLisa on social media.]

Mid: “Coach Toey” [white] a hero riding the war elephant’

[Refers to interim coach of Thailand’s national football team Sirisak “Toey” Yodyardthai to help the team return to their excellent performance during the Asian Cup. He took this position after Milovan Rajevac was fired due to the defeat of the team during a game with India.
Thailand’s national football team is referred to as “the war elephant.”]

Right: “Secondhand smoke” is dangerous for children.

From Matichon Weekly, January 18-24, 2019

Main cover reads: Intense Monday

[White] To handle the change of the world with Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra

[Refers to Thaksin’s weekly podcast titled “Good Monday.”
This marks Thaksin’s open return to politics in the run-up to elections.
Like the Lokwannee cover above, Prayuth’s weekly program is references as the graphic shows Thaksin pushing Prayuth’s program aside.
It makes clear Thaksin still wishes to engage in politics and engineer a return to the country, thus raising the alarm of the junta which seized power and created a new charter specifically to prevent Thaksin’s return.

Top: From 70 million come only 100. The logic of “Pom”: Don’t give any weight to the pro-election protest

[Deputy PM Prawit’s nickname is Pom.
This refers to Deputy PM Prawit’s interview that he was not concerned about 100 protesters demanding quick elections. He said that the number of those people is very small compared to the whole of Thai people. He said 70 million people do not want the election so quickly.
Meanwhile, Reuters is reporting to the world that “hundreds” demonstrated and that this shows growing tensions: Rival groups demonstrate in Thailand as election tensions grow]

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