Weekly News Magazines: Thanathorn switched off, May, 2019

From Manager Weekly, May 25-31, 2019
Main cover reads: It’s not done yet, sir.
[Refers to the two kingmakers parties–the Democrats led by new leader Jurin (left) and the Bhumjaithai party led by Anutin (right).
Although the Palang Pracharath party should be able to form a government with the help of these two parties through the support of former veteran politician Newin (middle), the future of this government is still unstable.
There are many issues, especially the allocation of the government positions to ensure support for PM Prayuth to be the PM again.]

Top: “Tycoon Eak” Money lender “darkness future” [orange] The Court accepts the “media shareholding case” causing a stop of being “MP.” Watch out for the “mob” #StandWithThanathorn
[Refers to the Future Forward Party’s leader Thanathorn who has been suspended his MP position after the court accepted his media shareholding allegation. He also may face another charge of giving a loan to his party which violates the Political Party Act.
The headline notes that his supporters who use the hashtag ”#StandWithThanathorn may come out an protest this sidelining of Thanathorn. Thanathorn’s nickname is “Eak.”]

Bottom Left: “Cannes” Everyone can go.
[Refers to the Cannes film festival. There was a controversial case on who can really attend this event as many Thai actresses and celebrities recently attended.]

Bottom right: Wash up the brutal sport MMA boxing to “Olympic”
[Refers to an attempt to push mixed martial arts to become part of the Olympic Games.]

From Lokwannee, May 24-31, 2019
Main cover reads: Stop crowding the sails for the pirate.

[Refers to an attempt to form the government by pro-junta party Palang Pracharath. This cartoon makes fun of the compromises the junta has to make to get the support of the Bhumjaithai Party and the Democrat Party, including embracing Bhumjaithai’s proposal to legalize marijuana. The Democrat Party symbol is on the top sail.
This pro-Thaksin/pro-Red Shirt publication calls the new government a pirate since it is preventing the Pheu Thai–which won more MP seats–from forming a government.]

From Matichon Weekly, May 24-30, 2019
Main cover reads: Turn off the switch, but still “lighten”

[Refers to the Future Forward Party’s leader Thanathorn who has been suspended from being a MP due to allegations of holding the media shares while a candidate. The headline means that Thanathorn announced he would work outside of parliament to help the people who vote for him despite being barred from being an MP.]

Top: Keep fingers crossed for a miracle. Keep an eye on the Democrat Party with a dilemma either to rebuild the party or decline.
[Refers to the situation of the Democrat Party under new leader Jurin Laksanavisit (pictured). After its historic election defeat, many predicted that the Democrats were finished as a party. However, the Democrats ended up a critical kingmaker in the new government indicating predictions of their demise might be premature.]

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