Weekly News Magazines: Tears of Suthep, June, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, June 8-14, 2018
Main cover picture: It’s raining, tears are falling.
[Refers to Suthep Thaugsuban (pictured), one of the leaders of the People’s Democrat Reform Committee (PDRC). After protests by the group led to a coup that overthrew the Pheu Thai-led government, Suthep promised not to return to the politics. This sort of promise is usually made to indicate that the intentions of the protest leader are not to get into political power himself.
However, Suthep broke his promise and joined the Action Coalition of Thailand (ACT) Party.
In the case of Suthep, he cried to indicate the difficult choice to break his promise and reenter politics. These are seen as fake tears and part of his political game often referenced as the Thai proverb “crocodile’s tears” meaning that someone pretends to cry to show others of their difficult situation.
This cover alludes to the times of rain. These times are supposed to make people think that fresh and new things will come after the rain. In the case of Suthep’s rain of tears, what will come is more old-fashioned politics and not something new a fresh.]

Top: Police catching [those] crossing the horizon. ‘Robe is flying’ Block the game to exile in ‘Germany’
[Refers to the attempt of the police to stop the plan to help fugitive senior monk Phra Prommedhi (pictured) from gaining exile in Germany after facing charges of embezzling state funds for temples. “Robe is flying” means the monk is flying to other countries or fleeing.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, June 8-14, 2018
Main cover reads: Price [white] that has to pay
[Refers to Suthep Thaugsuban (pictured) and his broken promise to not to reenter politics (as explained above). His change of heart has caused some of his supporters to be disappointed.]

From Lokwannee, June 9-15, 2018
Main cover reads: Political drama (allow to be on aired)
Close to the crocodile: Small crocodile’s tears
[Refers to Suthep Thaugsuban who cried during his announcement of to join the Action Coalition of Thailand (ACT) Party (as explained above).
The headline refers to Thai’s proverb “crocodile’s tears” meaning that someone who pretends to cry to show others of their difficult situation. The cover derides Suthep as only a small crocodile.]

From Manager Weekly, June 8-15, 2018
Main cover reads: No one loves it. (crossed out) Reform before the election
[Refers to Suthep Thaugsuban (pictured) who broke his promise not to return to politics (as explained above).
Suthep has strongly supported the junta, but his recent actions seems to be ironic (in the ways Thais would look at it). The junta has said that elections should be postponed until after important reforms are complete, but Suthep launched his new party to compete in a future election and vowed to support PM Prayuth to remain PM. To the writer of the headline, the joke is that even Suthep who always supports the junta to stall elections, he is planning for elections and this would indicate he really cares for electoral power over reform.]

Top: Disclose the network [black] “former Phra Prommedhi” is exiled. From “Seega Jum” in Tongkah to “Dhamakaya” in Germany?
[Refers to senior monk Phra Prommedhi who is now believed to be exiled in Germany after the court approved a warrant to arrest him due to charges of embezzling state funds for temples. Recently, an arrest warrant was issued for five suspects for helping former Phra Prommedhi flee from Thailand to Lao PDR and then on to Germany.
Sasi-orn Jeamwijitkul or Jum, a businesswoman and major shareholder of the mining company Tongkah is one of five suspects. Dhammakaya temple’s branch in Germany is also suspected to be part of this network. In Buddhism, “Siga” is used by a monk to refer to a woman.]
Bottom left: Watch “Anne JKN” [white] Will she be a new major shareholder of Channel 3 replacing [yellow] “Pravit Maleenont”??
[Refers to Jakkaphong “Anne” Jakrajutatip (pictured), an executive of JKN Global Media, who is expected to become a new major shareholder replacing Channel 3 executive Pravit Maleenont.]
Right: “Thai children=guinea pig of educational system” [orange] Open a lecture of “Pee Latte” Kind’s minister
[Refers to an interview with the editor of the popular Thai educational website Dek-D. Manus “Latte” Onsang discusses the new controversial university entrance system, Thai University Center Admission System (TCAS), comparing it with the old systems. The TCAS has been criticized due to giving an advantage to the well-heeled. Also, due to the error in the online system, many students were prevented from studying at the university they prefer.]

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