Weekly News Magazines, September 9-16, 2016


From Nation Weekend, Sep 9, 2016
Main cover reads: People have their own karma.

[Refers to Buddhist principle of ‘karma’ in the way Thais interpret it to mean that we do in the past will come back to punish us in the future. In this case, Sondhi, a founder of the Yellow Shirt groups and the Manager Media Group was jailed for 20 years because he violated the Securities and Exchange Act.
This many also imply that Sondhi’s actions have created his fate–including extreme protest that went beyond the bounds of Thai rules of compromise and bringing royal symbols into his protests. He is also hated as his media machine went on the attack against anyone who has been in power, including the Democrat Party and the military.]

Above right:
Special dancing [yellow] ‘Laos-America’ [white] Sweet relations

[Refers to the recent ASEAN Summit in Laos. The US announced it would help Laos to clear remnants of US bombs from the Vietnam war era.]

Left side:
Buran Ranti [yellow} Mani Sakai’s way

[Refers to Buran Ranti’s article about the old tribe named Sakai where stays in the southern part of Thailand.]

Chamlong Fungcholjitr [white] leave it to the land.

[Refers to Chamlong’s article about the new amulet named “Leave it to the land”]

Chalermsak Ngaemngarm [yellow] “A House with 2 Floors”

[Refers to Chalermsak’s novel titled “A House with 2 Floors”]

Paiwarin Khao-Ngam [yellow] Issue on reading

[Refers to Paiwarin’s article about reading in Thailand]

Jitra Kornuntakiat [yellow] Warning for people playing stocks.

[Refers to Jitra’s article warning people to prepare for the risks before playing the stock market]


From Matichon Weekly, Sep 9-15, 2016
Main cover reads: Heating up at G20 China

[The men in the photo from left to right: PM Prayuth and China’s President Xi Jinping.
Refers to the recent G20 Meeting held in China. The article notes that the issues of the meeting might not be as interesting as the events taking place outside the meeting, particularly the conflict between the U.S. and Chinese staff during the arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama.]

Top right: Liver was ‘ruptured.’ To DSI. Mystery case of the death in custody.

[Refers to the  mysterious death of former Phuket Provincial Land Officer Thawatchai in the custody of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI). First, the DSI reported that he died because he hanged himself by using socks. Later, his family called for a clearer explanation of his death after finding out his liver was ruptured. However, the DSI said the ruptured liver might be caused by CPR performed on him.]


From Lokwannee, Sep 10-16, 2016
Main cover reads: Good licking, getting a good result. Bad licking, getting a bad result.
A sign held by a water monitor: Appointed by the group of people

[This cover shows as water monitor emerging from a military egg.
In Thai, to call someone a water monitor is an insult. Licking is mean to mean fawning behavior to ingratiate oneself with someone.
This cover implies that the new draft constitution allows non-elected people to be appointed in the government including the prime minister. This means that persons with close ties to high-ranking military will have a good chance to get these appointments.]

20 years jailed Sondhi. Being deleted from the power board.

[Refers to the founder of the Yellow Shirt group and the Manager Media Group Sondhi Limthongkul who was jailed for 20 years due to violating the Securities and Exchange Act. Many influential political figures have been decreased their roles in politics. Sondhi is another of these figures.]


From Manager Weekly, Sep 10-16, 2016
Main cover reads: My Way

[Refers to Manager Media Group founder Sondhi Limthongkul who was jailed for 20 years due to violating the Securities and Exchange Act. Sondhi has been praised from many in the public for not fleeing the charge and instead faced the Supreme Court’s decision. This is in contrast to Thaksin who has lived in exile since 2008 to escape a jail term.
“My Way” refers to the English-language song about charting one’s own path. Here on the cover of Sondhi’s publication, Manager Weekly, it seems to extol and lionize him for his brave stand to face jail instead of running away. Few “big men” in the Thai world allow themselves to be subject to the decisions of courts.]

On the right side
Future of ‘Zico’? If can’t qualify to the World Cup… ?

[Refers to the future of Thailand’s football manager Kiatisuk Senamuang, known as Zico, after his disappointing performance in the recent matches of the final round of World Cup qualifying campaign.]

Taking advantage

[Refers to Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister General Chatchai Sarikulya who recently denied the planning to use Article 44 to build Mae Wong Dam. This plan is opposed by environmental groups and NGOs.]

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