Weekly News Magazines, September 5, 2014

The Nation_5 Aug 2014

From Nation Weekend, September 5, 2014
Cover reads: The Cabinet Ship of friends and brothers
[Reference is to the new cabinet under Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha as Prime Minister. Of the total 32 ministers, 12 are from the armed forces, such as the retired Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan who is Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister in the cabinet. Some of them also work at the National Council for Peace and Order which is the military junta.]

Matichon_5 Aug 2014

From Matichon Weekly, September 5, 2014
Cover reads: The flower at the end of the barrel
[Reference is to Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Chairperson of Toshiba Thailand, and one of the only two women to join the NCPO’s cabinet. Mrs. Kobkarn was approached to be minister of the Tourism and Sports Ministry. The other is Mrs. Apiradee Tantraporn, a retired civil servant from the Ministry of Commerce to be Deputy Commerce Minister.
The headline indicates these women are the gentler side of a military-dominated government.]

ASTV Manager_6 Sept 2014

From ASTV Manager Weekly, September 6, 2014
Cover reads: M.L. Rungkhun Kitiyakar, stock trader on energy reform
[Reference is to M.L. Rungkhun’s comment on the national energy saga recently posted on his Facebook page which generated a wide range of reactions both pro- and con-.
M.L. Rungkhun is the son of the Miss Universe 1965, Apasara Hongsakula and M.R. Kiattikhun Kitiyakara and graduated in photography and decorating design from St. Martin, England.
He currently manages his mother’s beauty business, ‘Apasara Beauty Slimming Spa.’ He started to be interested in politics with a focus on national energy over a year ago. He makes a critical comment, in this cover story, on the country’s energy policy.]

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