Weekly News Magazines, September 16-23, 2016


From Lokwannee, Sep 17-23, 2016
Main cover reads: Perfectly… smooth
On the sword: Using the Article 44 to end the military court.

[Refers to the latest order that national security cases will be judged in civilian court after two years of military courts handling them. “Perfectly… smooth” means the junta played the announcement smoothly by claiming they were making the change because the country was now at peace. However, many groups allege the change was done ahead of PM Prayuth’s U.N. meetings to avoid criticism from member countries.]


From Nation Weekend, Sep 16, 2016
Main cover reads: Pay respect to Uncle Tu.

[The woman is a main character named “Ubon” from a drama entitled Pitsawat.
Refers to PM Prayuth’s statement calling on people to watch Pitsawat which is about a lady named “Ubon” who was killed her husband to be the ghost to protect the country’s treasures. The main character name is played by famous actress Woranut Noon Bhirombhakdi. Prayut’s nickname is Tu so the cover means that the drama thanks the PM for his recommendation to watch their show.]

Above right: 2 years of the NCPO’s government can [yellow] ‘control’ [white] the annoyances.

[The photo shows PM Prayuth. Since the junta took a power, they have attempted to deal with various political groups in order to push forward their road map of reform and pacify the longstanding political conflicts that have unsettled the country.]

Left side: Paiwarin Khao-Ngam [yellow] excited for the S.E.A Write Award.

[Refers to Paiwarin’s article about the coming announcement of the Southeast Asian Writers Award winner.]

Khongruk Kumpairoj [yellow] the front runner of the S.E.A Write Award.

[Refers to Khongruk’s article about the front runners for the Southeast Asian Writers Award.]

Eak Akkanee [yellow] Following the path of Pha Ajan Lop.

[Refers to Eak Akkanee’s article about the life of senior monk Pha Ajan Lop.]


From Matichon Weekly, Sep 16-22, 2016
Main cover reads: Le Petit [red] “Red hat”

[The man is Assistant Army Commander Chalermchai Sittisart who was appointed army commander. In the article they say that the headline refers to the word “Le Petit” which makes people thinking about the famous novel “Le Petit Prince” or the word “little” in “Little Red Riding Hood.”
Gen. Chalermchai came from the Special Warfare Command which is known as the Red Hat Army. The cover tries to show that this red hat is not cute like int the Le Petit Prince or the Little Red Riding Hood, but that the new army commander is a strong man with tough responsibilities as the new army chief.]

Top right: SEXBOT When ‘humans’ have sex with ‘robots’

[This article refers to the possibility of the human to have sex with a robots.]


From Manager Weekly, Sep 17-23, 2016
Main cover reads: If conditions are set, [red] will you still fight?

[The man is PM Prayuth. This cover implies that, at present, the junta can control the political situation. However, the article questions if Prayuth has the nerve to stop Thaksin if his proxies begin to agitate and gain power again.]

Top: Deepening story of the game between [red] Muangthong-Port F.C [black] Whenever they meet, it will be big.

[Refers to the football game between Muangthong United F.C and Port F.C.]

Left side: In love for 4 months. Navin Tar [blue] suddenly engaged. Let’s see whether the [pink] ‘good news’ will be announced.

[The woman is Passavee Payacaboot while the man is popular singer Navin ‘Tar’ Yaowapalkul. This refers to the love story between Navin Tar and Passavee. The article seems to imply either a wedding or pregnancy might be announced soon.]

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