Weekly News Magazines: Secret Plan to Destroy Thaksin, August, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, August 3-9, 2018
Main cover reads: Jack Nakorn Machim
On picture at bottom right: Jack and the Beanstalk

[Refers to former Democrat Party member Nakorn Machim. It compares him to Jack in “Jack and the Beanstalk.” He disclosed a conspiratorial plan of anti-Thaksin groups consisting of political parties, the elite, and military groups to destroy Thaksin’s influence. He also apologized to Thaksin for joining those groups to destroy him. Nakorn’s actions are believed to pave the way for him to join the Pheu Thai Party for the coming election.
The headline compares Nakorn, who is not a particularly influential politician, to Jack because by disclosing the conspiracy to hurt Thaksin he was like Jack who killed the giant in the fairy tale.]

At top right is an article about the collapse of the Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower dam in Laos.

From Lokwannee, August 3-9, 2018
Main cover reads: “Completely crazy”
On megaphone: Disclose a secret
On man: Nakorn
On red crab: Extradition

[Refers to former Democrat Party member Nakorn Machim who apologized to Thaksin and Yingluck for joining an anti-Thaksin conspiracy to destroy Thaksin’s power.
This cover represents a stereotypical stage play. It is mean to say that Nakorn’s revelation, about a plan to disadvantage Thaksin, is already well known and has been going on for some time.
The dinosaur refers to the “old thinking” people of anti-Thaksin groups. It wears a traditional mask on its head and carries a crab purse that represents Yingluck (whose nickname is “boo” or “crab”).]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, August 3-9, 2018
Main cover reads: Being in [white] ‘spotlight’ [red] to avoid a [white] ‘bullet’

[Thaksin (pictured) has recently been in the spotlight again. He has attempted not to keep his followers by his side in the face of defections of MPs to support the junta. If his influence wanes and he becomes isolated, he becomes vulnerable to legal challenges from the junta and attempts to extradite him and his sister back to Thailand.]

From Manager Weekly, August 4-10, 2018
Main cover reads: Let’s run away [white] what do you wait for?

[This headline mocks former PM Yingluck (pictured) who is now exiled in UK to avoid a jail sentence due to corruption charges. The junta recently has sought the extradition of her from Britain.]

Top left: “Silent tiger” was surprised [black] when a ten billion project can’t push forward. Too risky for “locals-officers” who won’t join it.

[Refers to Deputy PM Anupong Paochinda (pictured), a part of the influential Eastern Tigers military clique. He is pushing a controversial waste-to-energy project. This project has been criticized by the public and the NGOs because of environmental concerns and its massive budget.
His personality is very quiet and he does not get much attention from the media, so this cover refers to him as a “silent tiger.”]

Top right: Faith crisis of “Thai league” soccer fans decline; Political group don’t push forward and there is no fund support
[Refers to the declining popularity of Thai soccer league after there is little support from political groups and even less funding to promote the soccer league.
In the last ten years, politicians built regional soccer teams to maintain their political bases in the face of Thaksin’s overwhelming political dominance. Now that Thaksin has weakened and politicians can openly defect from Thaksin’s camp, the need to maintain the teams has dwindled.]

Bottom left: “Father jumped off the building – Kill Nong Ying-Sia Auan ordered to kill” [yellow] Those incidents occurred due to the “police bribes”

[A father jumped to his death from the criminal court building after a lower court ruled to dismiss a case involving the murder of his son. The father’s suicide led the police to re-investigate the case.
Meanwhile, the murder of a 19-year old Nereekarn “Nong Ying” was under investigation after there was an allegation that the man involved in the case tried to bribe the police to not pursue a murder charge and instead say it was an accident.
In yet another case, bar owner Panya ‘Sia-Auan’ Yingdang was alleged to be involved in a slaying in Chonburi.
All of them are thought to illustrate the mistrust the Thai public has in the police force.]

Bottom right: “The type of woman I like is a woman older than me” Disclose a story of [blue] “Film” [white] #national husband2018

[Refers to new actor Thanapat “Film” Kawila. After he appeared in the drama titled “Wife2018,” he became popular and gained a lot of attention, particularly from women. This led to the hashtag on social media #nationalhusband2018.]

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