Weekly News Magazines, October 23-30, 2015

Lokwannee23 oct

From Lokwannee, October 23, 2015
Main cover reads: Do you really hate corruption?

[Refers to the case of fake explosive detector GT200 purchased by the military. The cover implies that the junta declares it will stop corruption, but the military itself is corrupt due to their purchase of the fake bomb detectors. The garland around it signifies that it is sacred and cannot be touched because the military will not tolerate attacks on its image.]

manager_24-30 oct

From Manager Weekly, October 24-30, 2015
Main cover reads: “Yong” unfortunate

[The man is famous fortune teller Suriyan Sujaritpalawong, known as Mhao Yong. This refers to famous fortune teller Suriyan who was arrested on a charge of lèse majesté for allegedly making false claims about the monarchy for personal benefit.]

Top right: “Tod” drama on a beer. When the business is more than friendship

[The man is Piti Bhirombhakdi or Tod, a heir of Singha Beer. Refers to the scandal of celebrities being paid to post photos containing alcoholic beverages on social media for Chang Beer. Piti criticized his friend, famous singer ‘Dome’ Pakorn Lam, for advertising Chang Beer on Social media.]

Bottom: Disclose the record of inappropriateness. Re-investigation of 12 corruption cases. Set the target: cut off politicians’ heads.
Photos, left to right: Yingluck, Abhisit, Thaksin

[Refers to the junta’s policy to deal with corruption and many previous cases linked to politicians that are still pending.]

matichon23_29 oct

From Matichon Weekly, October 23-29, 2015
Main cover reads:  Making a small garland. Paying respect to King Rama V Statue with a tear.

[Refers the anniversary of the death of King Rama V (pictured) on October 23. The poem means that while King Rama V tried to promote democracy during this period, the current government has destroyed it. That is why the writer said that while he is paying respect to King Rama V, he is crying due to what the junta has done to the country’s democracy today.]

nationweekend_23 oct

From Nation Weekend, October 23, 2015
Main cover reads: Making a false claim on the monarchy

[Refers to an arrest of famous fortune teller Suriyan Sujaritpalawong (pictured) and his friends due to a charge of lèse majesté for allegedly making false claims about monarchy for personal benefit.]

Top right: A battlefield Phu Thap Boek. The war has not ended. Opium- bullet-cauliflower-resort

[Refers to new famous tourist place ‘Phu Thap Boek.’ Due to poor management, a traffic nightmare took place on the mountain during the long holidays. The words on the cover refer to the fact that the location was once a battlefield in the drug war, but the war continues today to solve the tourism traffic problems.]

Bottom headline: Tomorn Sookprecha [yellow] Society with a massive [desire to be] good.

[Refers to Tomorn’s column criticizing Thai society.]

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