Weekly News Magazines, October 2-9, 2015

nation_2 oct

From Nation Weekend, October 2, 2015
Main cover reads:  ‘Uncle Tu’ stands to fight the world
[The man is PM Prayuth. Refers to the participation of PM Prayuth at the U.N. He informed the assembly about the progress of the situation in Thailand and a promise to have an election in 2017.]

Left: Hunting [yellow] ‘Aod’
Hard-core gang in the year of 53 [year of 2010 in English]
Links to the Ratchaprasong bombing
[The man in the picture is Red Shirt bombing suspect Aod Prayungwong. Police are now hunting for Red Shirt ‘Aod’ Prayungwong, a hard-core Red Shirt, who has been implicated in both bombing and arson attacks on behalf of the Red Shirts since 2009. It is alleged he assisted the Turkish terrorists in some way in the Rajaprasong bombing.]

2nd headline: UN must be reformed.

3rd headline: [white] Tomorn Sookprecha
[yellow] From a single gateway to the goodness
[This is a column written by Tomorn Sookprecha about the single gateway project pushed by the junta. This has been strongly criticized by the public since the project is meant to control people’s access to the internet.]

lookwannee_3-9 oct

From Lokwannee, September 3-9, 2015
Main cover reads: Uncle Tu at U.N.
[The man is PM Prayuth. It illustrates a very small status of PM Prayuth, a head of junta, in the international community. PM Prayuth has been pressured from the international community to promptly return the democracy to the country.]

manager3_9 oct

From Manager Weekly, October 3-9, 2015
Main cover reads: Aod Red Shirt Ratchaprasong bombing
[The man in the picture is Aod Prayungwong. On the right is Aod with other Red Shirt members. The police allege that Red Shirt Aod Prayungwong is linked to the Rajaprasong bombing.]
Top right: Sandy clears up news on being a prostitute in Iran
[The woman in the picture is Sandy. Refers to an actress ‘Sandy’ dismissing rumors about being a prostitute in Iran.]
Bottom left: “Poo” attempts to extend the rice case.
[red] moving to forward to fight with ‘AG’ [the attorney general]
Try a last breath before game over
[The woman is Yingluck Shinawatra. Refers to Yingluck, whose nickname is Poo, trying to sue the Attorney General on the rice pledging scheme case. However, the Criminal Court recently has rejected her counter suit.]
Bottom right: Behind ‘Uncle Tu’ feeling happy at UN. It’s helped by Ambassador Sab-Ambassador Don
[The men in the picture from left to right: PM Prayuth and Ambassador Weerachai Palasai. Refers the positive feedback for PM Prayuth’s participation in the UN meeting. The men behind the achievement are Ambassador Weerachai Palasai whose nickname is Sab and former Ambassador Don Pramudwinai who is now a Foreign Affairs Minister.]

matichon_2-8oct 2015

From Matichon Weekly, October 2-8, 2015
Main cover reads: ‘New York’ Declaration for an election in 2560 [2017]
Men in the picture from left right: PM Prayuth and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Small cover: ‘Japan’ Declaration for an election in 2559 [2016]
Men in the picture from left-right: PM Prayuth and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe
[After taking power, PM Prayuth visited Japan and committed that he would conduct an election in 2016. However, due to the failure of drafting the first new constitution, PM Prayuth committed during Thailand will have an election in 2017 which extends past the prior commitment.]
Headline at the top right: Wonderful land of Aod Vs. Aod. Bombing Brahma relates with politics.
[The man in the photo is Aod Prayungwong. Refers to bombing at Rajaprasong. The police believed the bombing is related to the political cause and they issued a warrant for ‘Aod’ Prayungwong believed to be linked with the Red Shirt Movement.]

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