Weekly News Magazines, October 11, 2013

Nation Weekend_11 Oct

From Nation Weekend, October 11, 2013
Cover reads: Lesson of life, ‘Mitsuo’
[Reference is to the former well-respected monk, Phra Mitsuo Gavesako or Mr Mitsuo Shibahachi now. Mr. Shibahachi recently visited with his Thai wife who was once his follower while in the monkhood. The couple gave a press conference on the evening of October 8 at a luxurious 5-star hotel in Bangkok. There has been much general public disapproval of the long-time monk deciding to marry.]

Matichon Weekly_11 Oct

From Matichon Weekly, October 11, 2013
Cover reads: Mitsuo has ‘arrived’
[Reference is to the former famous Phra Mitsuo Gavesako, a Japanese man who traveled to Thailand and went into monkhood here. Recently, he decided to leave the monkhood to marry one of his Thai female followers, Sutthirat Muttamar. The couple returned to Thailand early this month to promote Mitsuo’s two books in Thailand.]

ASTV Manager Weekly, 12 October 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, October 12, 2013
Cover reads: Thrilling journal. The first time of young man and woman
[Reference is to Mr. Mitsuo Shibahachi, or former Phra Mitsuo Gavesako who left his monkhood to marry a Thai woman, Sutthirat Muttamara. Having returned to Thailand to promote Mr. Shibahachi’s books, the former famous monk talked about the intimate relationship between him and his wife after getting married, which stirred up another round of talk of the town on whether it’s proper for such a man who was once a very well respected monk to talk about his intimate relationship.]

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