Weekly News Magazines, November 8, 2013

Nation Weekend_8 Nov 2013

From Nation Weekend, November 8, 2013
Cover reads: Facebook Mob
[Reference is to the protests against the government at different locations including Silom Road and Asoke Intersection. Due to social networks, people have easier and faster access to information and this makes it faster to mobilize people to protest.]

Matichon Weekly_8 Nov

From Matichon Weekly, November 8, 2013
Cover reads: People Alliance for the Democrat [Party] – Suthep [says] Fight without Retreat
[Reference is to the rally since October 30, first gathered at Sam Sen and later moved to Ratchadamnoen Avenue, led by the Democrat Party. The article observes that neutral rally supporters who come out because they’re against the amnesty are really Democrat group members and that the party has a significant role behind the party’s fight on the street. This group comprises royal family’s relatives, the private sector, students and academics, medical personnel, actors and celebrities, who may demand that the Democrat Party reset the country’s politics by freezing it for 3-5 years. This confronts the party with a choice as it wishes to lead the government once again.]

ASTV Manger Weekly, 9 Nov 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, November 9, 2013
Cover reads: Expel the whole family
In red star: Free, Against the End-of-the Soi Bill sticker
[Reference is to the nationwide protest of people who are against the amnesty bill. Even though the Pheu Thai government agreed to revoke the bill due to the surprise response from many levels of society domestically and abroad, a large number of people want go further to eliminate the Thaksin family political clique from government. This is the meaning of the “expel the whole family” banner.]

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