Weekly News Magazines: New Generation Party, March, 2018

From Siamrath Weekly Review, March 16-22, 2018
Main cover reads: Chaotically
Men in the picture, left to right: PM Prayuth, Abhisit, Thaksin
[Refers to the current political situation. Many groups are intensively jockeying for political dominance in the run up to future elections.]

From Matichon Weekly, March 16-22, 2018
Main cover headline: OK Aojao
[Refers to the famous phase from the hit Thai period drama “Bupphesanniwat” (“Love destiny”) “Aojao.” “Aojao” is a pronoun for someone younger than the speaker. This cover illustrates the possibility of PM Prayuth (pictured) who once denied joining the election competition. The article explains that PM Prayuth may use his friend’s new party “People’s State Power Party” to compete in the election. Becoming PM again through being a member of a political party would presumably be preferable to being nominated by a block of MPs from “outside” politics. Such a circumstance led to mass anti-government protests in 1992.]
Right: Seven years of waiting. ‘Bella Ranee’ with a professional performance makes ‘Karaket’ remarkable
[Refers to rising actress Ranee ‘Bella’ Campen (pictured) who has become very famous due to the Thai period drama “Bupphesanniwat” (“Love Destiny”). “Karaket” is the name of her role in the drama.]

From Manager Weekly, March 17-23, 2018
Main cover reads: People-ism [meaning something like “in favor of the people”]
[Refers to businessman Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit (pictured) who recently joined politics. He, together with young progressive people, established a new party named “Future Forward Party.”
Thanathorn calls himself “billionaire Phai” who will fight with the elite. “Phai” is an old-style Thai word meaning an ordinary person or a peasant. The word “phai” is frequently used by the Red Shirts to evoke the class warfare of old socialist and communist movements in Thailand and contrast themselves with the Democrat Party and the elite of Bangkok.
Thanathorn announced that he is an ordinary person who wants to fight dictatorship and bring back the democracy in the country.
A media outlet like Manager, opposed to Thaksin, is skeptical and points out Thanathorn is the nephew of one of Thaksin’s biggest and richest supporters–all part of the most influential elite of Thailand.
Thanathorn has also supported repeal of lese majeste laws. Critics would contend that protest against lese majeste laws is connected with opposition groups who use the threat of open opposition and criticism of the monarch as a lever at certain times to pressure the establishment over issues such as amnesty that includes Thaksin.
They claim the new party is yet another that espouses socialist-type politics to appeal to a younger generation, but which will ultimately be directed by Thaksin for his own goals.]
Top left: The world welcomes ‘Old Tiger’ The return of Tiger Woods sends a signal that he is ready to compete in a major game.
[Refers to professional golfer Tiger Woods who seems to be playing like her used to in the first part of his career.]
Right: “Sie Toy-Jae Pong” [red] dominate Nation [black] Keep an eye on a new base for “Lung Kamnan fanclub.”
[Refers to the future of the Nation media group under the management of Sonthiyan Chuenruetai-naitham (nicknamed “Sie Toy”) from TNews after Suthichai Yoon, a founder of the company, was forced out of his role as founder and influential board member of the media company. Anchalee Praireerat (nicknames “Jae Pong” or “elder sister Pong”) will join the Nation team as well. She is known as one of the team leaders of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee secretary (PDRC), an anti-Yingluck group led by Suthep Thaugsuban, known as Lung Kaman (“Lung” is “uncle” and “Kamnan” is head of a village).
Thus, headline means that the Nation is expected to strongly shift to be both anti-Thaksin and pro-military rule as both Sonthiyan and Anchalee are Suthep’s supporters.]
Bottom: Left: #Aojao the whole country! [white] playing a bad role, people hate, playing a good role, people love. [yellow] “Bella-Ranee”
[Refers to rising actress Ranee “Bella” Campen (pictured) who became very famous due to the Thai period drama “Bupphesanniwat” (Love destiny). People praise her acting skill and say she can play in any role–hero or villain. “Aojao” is an old-style pronoun to refer to young people.]
Right: To be continued. Keep watching the direction of digital TV after the case of “Jae Tim-NBTC”
[Refers to TV owner Pantipa Sakulchai (pictured), known as Jae Tim, won the case with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) over digital TV licenses.
The media group that obtained the license was not able to start a network as they agreed and wanted their money back for the unused license. The NBTC not only wanted to keep the deposit, but also wanted to fine the media group for not starting the network.
Such a scenario has happened several times with licensees claiming market conditions changed since the license bidding which makes the digital licenses a bad deal. The NBTC has taken a hard line, attempting to impose hefty fines on licensees who were unable to start the network they paid for.
This case will be a precedent for other TV groups who are unable to start a network as it prevents NBTC from taking punitive measures if media groups do not set up a network and make profits as expected.
“Jae” is a Chinese word meaning elder sister.]

From Lokwannee, March 16-23, 2018
Main cover reads: Young generation party
[Refers to a competition between the old powers and a new generation in the coming election. While the junta is expected to establish a the military party, young billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit formed a new party called “Anakot Mai” or “Future Forward Party.” His party aims to bring the democracy back to the country and get rid of old politics, particularly the military dictatorship.
On the cover, it shows that the junta as a dinosaur on a tank, running over the young generation party. We do not know why the dinosaur’s tail is shortened.]

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