Weekly News Magazines, May 31, 2013

Nation Weekend, 31 May 2013

From Nation Weekend, May 31, 2013
Cover reads: Virtual mob, brothers and sisters
[Reference is to Guy Fawkes anti-government protest. To counter-attack the movement, the Red Shirt mobilizes their supporters to use red mask as their profile pictures and click ‘report’ on those pages that are anti Thaksin.]

Matichon Weekly, 31 may 2013

From Matichon Weekly, May31, 2013
Cover reads: Exploded through the ‘Soi’
[Reference is to an explosion in Soi Ram Khamhaeng 43/1 0n May 27, 2013. Six people were injured, of whom two are seriously wounded. The government and high-ranking police officers confirmed that based on the evidences the situation is not related to the insurgency in the three provinces in the Southern part of Thailand. However, the article skeptically suggests that it may be part of a plot to undermine the government’s image in terms of its ability to maintain public security in order to create a condition for a group of people to use the ‘special way’ to control the situation.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_1 April 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, June 1, 2013
Cover reads: “Khun Chai’s” Mask
[Reference is to a group of anti-Thaksin Shinawatra protesters who use the white Guy Fawkes mask as their profile picture on Facebook.
The cover refers to a TV series on Channel 3, Juthathep Gentlemen: the chapter of Khunchai Ratchanont.. The story is about a general of a region in the North who seized power from the king and brought the nation under his dictatorship. This caused a popular uprising against the dictator. This is seen as a clear allusion to Thaksin ambitions.
Khun Chai Ratchanon is the lead character on the show who supports the toppled king’s fight to get his throne back from a dictator.
Chakraphop Penkhae, one of Thaksin’s main supporters and Panthongthae Shinawatra, Thaksin’s son, accused Channel 3 and the series director Pongpat Vajirabanjong hiding ‘a dagger’ (meaning it is out to get Thaksin) and is ‘painting the fading color of Father’s house’ (meaning it is defending the monarchy).
This refers to director Pongpat’s quote saying that Thailand is his “father’s house,” (again meaning the king) and “if you don’t love father any more, just leave.”]

Siam Rath Weekly_31 May 2013

From Siam Rath Weekly, May 31, 2013
Cover reads: Topple ‘Thaksin’
[Reference is to Guy Fawkes anti-government protest.]

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