Weekly News Magazines: Indented Forest, May, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, May 4-10, 2018
Main cover picture: “Indented” power
[Refers to the controversial construction project of judges’ residences built on a forested area on Doi Suthep mountain, Chiang Mai.
The junta has been pressured by the public to handle this issue transparently.
The media calls this controversial construction “indented forest residences” as this construction juts into a forested area on the side of a mountain. The headline uses the phrase to suggest that the construction “indents” PM Prayuth’s power (his photo is all around the construction on the cover).]
Left side: Avenger ‘Kim’ in the view of ‘Num mueng chan’ [author of the column] who changes the world
[Refers to the surprising detente between north Korea and the rest of the world. The author compares the North Korean leader’s role to the “Avengers” movie as his moves cause a change in the world political atmosphere.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, May 4-10, 2018
Main cover reads: Korea ‘North-South’ not the end!
[Refers to an inter-Korea summit that raises hope for Korean unification. Some experts warned that it is too fast to be optimistic as there are still many issues, particularly denuclearization, that need to be solved.]

From Manager Weekly, May 5-11, 2018
Main cover reads: Blood fighting of Naorngdej
[Refers to a squabble of the Narongdej family, owner of the KPN group. Recently, the group issued a statement that accused Nop Narongdej (pictured top middle) of improperly using the Narongdej family name to advance his business in Wind Energy Holdings (WEH).
The statement said that no member of the Narondej family, including Kasem Narongdej (father, left), Krishn Narongdej (Nop’s elder brother, bottom right) and Korn Narongdej (Nop’s younger brother, bottom left), was involved in WEH. Although the family announced they are not involving with Nop, many think that the statement was made to avoid legal charge that might impact the family. This is because, Nop, his wife Poruethai (pictured right) and his father are facing the legal allegations regarding the WEH company.]
Top: Disclose the mission on ‘not demolishing’ indented forest. Change the ‘new person’ to ‘delay’ and send ‘I.O.’ to discredit the ‘anti group’
[Refers to a controversial construction project of judges’ residences build on forested area on Doi Suthep mountain, Chiang Mai.
Recently, the junta appointed the Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, Suwaphan Tanyuvardhana (pictured top) to be in charge of this issue. This illustrates the junta’s attempt to delay the decision on this issue even public surveys show that the public wants this project to be demolished.
There is an Information Operation (IO) from the government apparently trying to spread the news those who oppose the construction are merely Red Shirts who will attack the government on any issue.]
Bottom left: See Top 5 of the most reviewers ‘Woonsen’ is number 1.
[Refers to celebrities who review (and promotes) products through their social media. Virithipa ‘Woonse’ Phakdeeprasong is the celebrity who reviews the most products the compared to others. Recently, this sort of practice has come under scrutiny as illegal or fake products were promoted by some celebrities.]
Right: Look at the treasure of ‘Thailand Post 4.0’ the leading hope amid the war of ‘e-commerce’
[Refers to Thailand Post led by president Samorn Terdthampiboon which hopes to be a major part of the junta’s strategy to ‘Thailand 4.0’ to transfer the country to a digital economy. The ability to quickly and efficiently ship items purchased online is an important part of the strategy.]

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