Weekly News Magazines, May 17, 2013

Nation Weekend, 18 May 2013

From Nation Weekend, May 17, 2013
Cover reads: Please listen again: Drama Jung Bei
[Reference is to a recent release a rumor that Gen. Prayuth Chanocha, the Army Commander in Chief may be transferred to be Supreme Commander. This is an inactive post and would certainly raise the risk of a coup. The rumor leads to a political analysis by Sondhiyan Chuenruthainaitham, owner of the T News that on the possibility of another coup d’etat.
The meaning of “Drama Jung Bei” is that the whole story is quite dramatic. It is said that the rumor was started to provoke the army to stage a coup. “Jung Bei” means “so much” and sounds like a Korean word, which is very trendy now.
The original logo of the Channel 5 refers to the TV station operated by the military.]

Matichon Weekly_18 May 2013

From Matichon Weekly, May 17, 2013
Cover reads: Patience makes people good persons; Be ‘patient’ to the end, then ‘boon’ is what you will get.
[The sentence was quoted from the teaching of W. Vajiramedhi, a famous and well respected monk. He spoke these words to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on the Visakha Busha Day last year. The cover story explained how the teaching is suitable for the political situation Yingluck has been facing–how to return Thaksin to power. Despite its overwhelming popularity and ability to pass any spending bill, the government still has to address the overriding goal of finding a way to return Thaksin to power.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_18 May 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, May 18, 2013
Cover reads: …Fud …Fud: Honestly, Thailand only [“…Fud …Fud” means “extremely”]
[Reference is to the coming by-election of Don Muang constituency 12 after the Pheu Thai Party’s MP, Karun Hosakul, was convicted of breaching the election law and banned. The by-election is a fight between the Pheu Thai candidate, Yuranant Phamonmontri who resigned from the party-list MP to run for this election, and the Democrat Party’s candidate, Thaenkhun Jitissara, who lost to Karun in the last election. Both Yuranant and Thaenkhun were once in showbiz. The cover ridicules the main political parties sending pretty boy actors to contest an important election.]

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