Weekly News Magazines, May 10, 2013

Nation Weekend, 10 May 2013

From Nation Weekend, May 10, 2013
Cover reads: Khun Chai Putthipat, the General and the evil woman
[Reference is to a TV drama series. The plot is a bout a well known general who has a special taste for beauty pageants, and two mamasans whose cover is supporters of contestants of beauty contests. The theme reveals what people can do for money, including the wife of the general who is one of those behind the scenes arranging for the beauty queen of each year to sleep with her husband. It is said that the character of the general is based on a real character of a well-known general in Thailand’s history.]

Matichon Weekly_10 May 2013

From Matichon Weekly, May 10, 2013
Cover reads: When you spit, I have to ‘wipe’ it off because it’s ‘filth,’ Sai Sima.
[Reference is to criticisms against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s speech in Mongolia on the democratic situation and development in Thailand. The cover article uses a quote from a book entitled “The Devil” by Seni Saowapong, a writer who is famous for fighting against classes and for democracy to support Yingluck’s speech.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_11 May 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, May 11, 2013
Cover reads: ICT Sweetheart
[Reference is to reactions of people who disagreed with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s speech made in Mongolia last month. Some expressed their opinions online resulting in high frequency of the usage of the word “idiot” as a reference to Premier Yingluck. Triggering more anger to these people is the reaction of the ICT Ministry that threatened a policy to contain the widespread criticisms of the premier online.]

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