Weekly News Magazines, March 8, 2013

Nation Weekend  8 March 2013

From Nation Weekend, March 8, 2013
Cover reads: Good Brand, touching campaign
[Reference is to the Democrat Party’s candidate, MR. Sukhumbhand Paribhata’s victory over the Bangkok Governor on March 3, 2013. one of the major factors leading to his second term victory is the Democrat Party led by Abhisit Vejjajiva, mobilizing all of their human resources to help the governor campaign for the election. Involved in his election campaign were former prime minister and former leader of the Democrats, Chuan Leekphai, Abhisit Vejjajiva, former finance minister Korn Jatikawanich, and former Bangkok governor Aphirak Khosayothin. One of the main campaigns slogans was that Bangkok can strive forward right away if MR. Sukhumbhand is re-elected.]

Matichon Weekly_8 March2013

From Matichon Weekly, March 8, 2013
Cover reads: “Capital” storm hit Nadej “Kobori”
[Reference is to a conflict between the consumer product giant, Uniliver Thailand and one of the most famous super stars, Nadej Kukimiya. At the commercial shoot in Japan, the producer ask Nadej to hold the product in his hands, but the actor’s mother would not let her son do it claiming that it was not in the contract. So if the producer wanted her son to hold the product, Uniliver must pay more. So it became a controversy. ]

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