Weekly News Magazines, March 26-April 1, 2016


From Lokwannee, March 19-25, 2016 [Oddly enough, the date on this issue is incorrect.]
Main cover reads: When a buffalo doesn’t want to eat the grass offered
The buffalo thinks: I’m a buffalo, not Salim.
Another bubble: Try to be good and then you will be born to be a human in the next life.

[This cartoon illustrates that the Red Shirts will not accept the draft constitution, particularly on the issue on appointed senators. The Red Shirts and many anti-junta activists have called on the public to reject the draft constitution since it is not democratic and it will be a tool for extending military power.
The Red Shirts have been called buffaloes to insult them, but have gradually come to embrace the term. On the cover, the grass is the charter that has been dictated by the junta and served to the people.
Those who oppose Thaksin groups are sometimes nicknamed “Salim.” This is a Thai desert that has many colors. They are so-named because they do not have definite or unified political stands and do not support any particular faction. They simply oppose what Thaksin has done and support all the governments except those guided by Thaksin. (Contrast these Thai-world divisions with the international media that insist that the Thai situation is simply caused by the elite wanting to deny the rights of the poor.)
Also on the cover, the bubble starting “Try to be good,” is a phrase that refers to Buddhist lore that says people who do good things can expect to be born into a better station in the next life. Here it seems to imply that the junta is telling the buffaloes that voting yes on the charter is the right thing to do.]

25 mar 2016

From Matichon Weekly, March 25, 2016
Main cover reads: Easily pass Constitution (Camouflage)

[The man is Head of Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) Meechai Ruchuphan.
Refers to the draft constitution which believed to be passed easily due to the junta’s influence. To illustrate this, the cover shows Meechai is holding a green transparent gem meaning that the draft will pass easily.]

Top right: ‘JAS’ Chuan ‘Chuen’? Lost in ‘4G’ trend; Pay 600 million ‘easy’ pay 70 billion more ‘difficult’

[The man in the picture is JAS CEO Pete Bodharamik. This refers to a case of JAS Mobile Broadband defaulting on the final 4G license payment. Due to this, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) could confiscate the guarantee that JAS already gave to the commission in the amount of 645 million baht. JAS had won the 4G license bidding with a bid of 75.654 billion baht. The headline of the article makes fun of them by adding the famous comedian’s family name Chuan Cheun (meaning “happy”). It implies that is is funny that JAS had the high bid, but ultimately could not find the money to pay for it.
This incident was covered breathlessly in the Thai press, with lots of fascination at how this company could have won the bid and now risks losing hundreds of millions of baht already paid by defaulting.]

25 mar

From Nation Weekend, March 25, 2016
Main cover reads: Teacher Nui’s flag [yellow and green colors] Camouflage teacher

[The man on the cover is Gen. Dapong Ratanasuwan, Minister of Education (nicknamed “Nui”). Refers to the use of Section 44 to reform the structure of the Ministry of Education in order to push forward reform plans.]

Left: Shaking Europe. ISIS attack. From Paris to Brussels

[Refers to the latest attack by ISIS in Brussels.]

25-1 april

From Manager Weekly, March 26-April 1, 2016
Main cover reads: National (eastern) tiger [white] Road map to bureaucratic state
The people on the cover: (left) PM Prayuth, (right) Deputy PM Prawit and the groups of main characters in Thai drama named ‘National Tiger’

[Refers to the power of an influential military group known as the Eastern Tigers including PM Prayuth and Deputy PM Prawit. This refers to the junta’s vows to reform the nation. The title of the cover comes from the name of the drama the ‘National Tiger’ which is about the group of people trying to protect the country from foreigners.]

Top: National issue. Social media people call for a return of Beer ‘The voice’ from Cutto

[The woman is Passaranan ‘Beer’ Ussadomangkol. This refers to Passaranan ‘Beer’ Ussadomangkol knows as “Beer the voice.” She is known from the variety show ‘The Voice’ and now is a girlfriend of well-known singer Cutto. After shooting a swimsuit layout for a magazine, many people in the social media made a funny campaign calling for ‘Cutto’ for to return Beer to the public so that others may date her.]

Below: ‘JAS’ drops [pink] 4G [blue] Get more and more advantages

[The man in the picture is JAS CEO Pete Bodharamik. Refers to a case of JAS Mobile Broadband defaulting the 4G license payment (as described above). Although the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) could confiscate the guarantee which JAS placed before the auction worth 645 million baht, JAS is believed to still benefit from its default and its stock price has risen.]

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