Weekly News Magazines, March 22, 2013

Nation Weekend_22 Mar 2013

From the Nation Weekend, March 22, 2013
Cover reads: Complaints answering question

[Reference is to a TV talk show called “Tob Jote” meaning to answer questions. It is broadcast on Thai PBS every weeknight at 21:45 p.m. The show and its host Pinyo Traisuriyathanma became targets of criticism when the show did five nights of talks about the monarchy. Guest speakers for the debate were two academics, Sulak Sivaraksa and Dr. Somsak Jiamthirasakul from Thammasat University, known for their contrarian and outspoken views about the Thai monarchy. This Nation Weekend’s cover story reflects explains that Pinyo is a mass communicator who believes in freedom of speech. At a seminar, Pinyo raised a critical yet interesting issue on political prejudice stating that, other than governmental and investor (big business) interventions in the media, political prejudice is the critical issue the media have to deal with when trying to report the truth.]

 Matichon Weekly_22 Mar 2013

From Matichon Weekly, March 22, 2013
Cover reads: Adding questions to Thailand

[Reference is to the “Tob Jote” or “answering questions,” a talk show on the Thai PBS channel. The show, then hosted by Pinyo Traisuriyathanma, became the talk of the town when it broadcast a series of talks about the monarchy. Due to resistance, the final part of the debate was postponed, but later put on air on March 18. Somchai Suwannaban, director of the Thai PBS, admitted that there were conflicts inside the station about the content. This Matichon Weekly cover story suggests that the incident adds another question: resistance from royalists who do not deem the talks as a critical step forward for the media. Because of this resistance and criticism, host Pinyo decided to resign reasoning that he cannot answer to any questions anymore.]

ASTV ผู้จัดการสุดสัปดาห์_22 Mar 2013

From ASTV Manager Weekly, March 23, 2013
Cover reads: Royalist; “Je Daeng”, a spare premier in case “Poo” ousted

[The main cover story is about the Thai PBS’s talk show named “Tob Jote”, “answering questions.” The show became controversial when it broadcast a series of debates on the monarchy. Its host, Pinyo Traisuriyathanma, and its two debaters, Sulak Sivaraksa and Dr. Somsak Jiamthirasakul, were widely criticized and the final part of the debate was postponed. However, it was eventually allowed on the air on March 18. Pinyo resigned from his job claiming that the reactions make it impossible for him to respond to questions on the show anymore.]

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