Weekly News Magazines: Dissolution fears, March, 2019

From Matichon Weekly, March 8-14, 2019
Main cover reads: Walking through the ‘bombs’

[Refers to Future Forward party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit (pictured). This cover implies that he has to face all disadvantages and traps that the pro-junta groups have laid for him amid intense competition in the coming election.]

Left: Dissolve ‘Thai Raksa Chart’? Unexpected game puts a more difficult ‘task’ for the ‘Pheu’-family parties.

[Refers to the dissolution of Thai Raksa Chart Party over its shock naming of a member of the Royal Family, Princess Ubolratana, as its prime ministerial candidate.
Thai Raksa Chart is one of the parties controlled by Thaksin and is a sister party to Thaksin’s Pheu Thai and Pheu Chart parties. The three parties were created from one original party to try to get around the new constitution that penalizes large parties. After the dissolution, the plan to win the election has become more difficult for this political grouping.]

From Manager Weekly, March 9-15, 2019
Main cover reads: Who will be next?

[Refers to the recent dissolution of Thai Raksa Chart Party for violating the constitution as it named a member of the Royal Family, Princess Ubolratana, as its prime ministerial candidate.
ON the cov ers, parties are represented by their logos: pro-junta Palang Pracharat party (right), anti-junta Phua Chart (left), Pheu Thai (second from the left), Future Forward (third from the left). Each face dissolution over various real or invented infractions.]

Top: “Seripisut” opens the fight with “Big Dang” to speed up collecting support to win votes for “anti-military groups” [Refers to former high-profile policeman turned politician Seripisut Temiyavet who is publicly feuding with army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong.
The army chief filed a criminal complaint against Seripisut for showing disrespect and insulting the military as well as has decorations handed down by the King.
These tussles have become somewhat embarrassing to the junta as it shows a prickly military uncomfortable with typical political jousting.]

Bottom left: New model BNK48 [blue] expands the Ota-market from Isan Thaiban to AEC.

[Refers the new business model of famous girl group BNK48 which is now working with the famous movie series “Thai Bann the Series.” The movie is about the story of the northeastern people known in Isan. This project is believed to help BNK48 to expand their fans to other markets including the nearby AEC countries. “Ota” refers to the Japanese word “Otaku,” a person who is really addicted to something.]

Right: Thai wisdom on marijuana received from the King Rama III

[Refers to a wisdom on using marijuana for drug recipes collected during the King Rama III era. Marijuana has been used as a traditional herb for centuries in Thailand and recently the parliament agreed to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.]

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