Weekly News Magazines, March 15, 2013

Nation Weekend_15 Mar 2013

From Nation Weekend, March 15, 2013
Cover reads: Bong Tong: Pattani Metropolitan State
[Reference is to Lt.Gen. Paradon Pattanathabutr’s interview with reporters on March 12, 2013. He is secretary of the National Security Council. At some point he mentioned that the idea of establishing a Pattani Metropolis (something like a special administrative region meaning people would be granted the right to vote for the province’s governor). His comment became such hot issue that he had to came out later that night to correct what he said claiming that his comment was in response to a reporter’s question. He added the idea still need long-term negotiation to become concrete. The fear is that allowing the provinces of the deep south voting rights could lead to local patriotism and desires for independence from Thailand.
“Bong Tong” is a slang transcribed from a Thai phrase of “bog trong trong” meaning frankly speaking.]

 Matichon Weekly_15 Mar 2013

From Matichon Weekly, March 15, 2013
Cover reads: Seh. Maew transforms ‘weapons’ into ‘cloth’
[Reference is to the agreement signing ceremony on February 28, 2013 between the Thai authority led by Lt.Gen. Paradon Pattanathabutr, secretary of the National Security Council, nicknamed Seh Maew, and the BRN movement led by Hason Toyip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Although Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Ubumrung later admitted to a group of reporters that both sides just signed their names on blank pages, the Matichon cover story hailed the incidence as the Thai government’s success.
“Seh” is an abbreviation meaning chief of staff in the military.]

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