Weekly News Magazines, March 14, 2014

Nation Weekend_14 Mar 2014

From Nation Weekend, March 14, 2014
Cover reads: Mango made ripe by gas [using calcium carbide is one way that farmers make their fruits ripen faster than the natural way]
Emblem on the right: the Constitution Court
[Reference is to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee’s adjustment on its strategy to fight with the caretaker government. The PDRC attempts to accelerate the process of the country’s reform by way of a three-step procedure from March 10 to 21. It believes that the process will make the reform come faster just like using artificial means to make a mango ripen.]

Matichon Weekly_14 Mar 2014

From Matichon Weekly, March 14, 2014
Cover reads: From Bangkok Weekly to ‘Democrat’ – Wind of Change
Book cover: Thai Contemporary History
[Reference is to a comment of Dr. Pasuk Phongpaichit, famous economist, on the current political situation. According to Dr. Pasuk, the on-going political problem relates significantly to economic and social factors.]

ASTV Manager Weekly_15 Mar

From ASTV Manager Weekly, March 15, 2014
Cover reads: Fall before the mango…!?
[Reference is to the mid-year reshuffle in the Royal Thai Navy. Rear Admiral Vinai Klomin, the Naval Special Warfare Command chief, was the most watched on the name list due to his outspokenness concerning his standpoint on politics and his loyalty to the monarchy. It is expected that he would be reassigned a new job with less influence.]

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